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Happy Cloud is a place where kids have an opportunity to learn in their own unique way and express their creativity using coding, computation and STEAM-based interactive building activities. Our aim is to build a foundation which could go a long way to create a personality that is open and hungry for knowledge, and to inspire students to be contributors and creators of technology versus being mere consumers. With a strong collaboration with parents, we customize and periodically make changes to our lesson plans to cater to the needs of our students.

Summer Camps

Ages: 4 to 14

Location: Ellicott city and Columbia MD

Dates: Weekly starting June 19 to August 21

Book before June 1st for special discounts!



We teach coding with a focus on soft skill building. We work on soft skills like problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, team building. 


We explore and find answers to all these questions and more in a world where technology plays a role in every part of our lives using Snap Circuits.



This course is all about the great frontier of space, we will delve into everything from our solar system to distant stars, galaxies and black holes.


These lessons are directed at anyone age 10+ and at various skill levels. Students will be taught to improve their executive skills on their instruments, music literacy skills, ear training skills, and basic music theory skills through instrumental music performance.



Does your child need some extra help with school work, without the pressure ? We offer excellent support for students in a fun, creative way by playing games.

Socio Emotional Learning

Do think your child needs help in social situations ? Is it challenging for your child to respond and recognize social cues ? If yes, then this is the perfect class for your child.

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