What are Circuits ??

Why do the lights turn on when I flip a switch? 

What makes the wheels spin on a car? 

How does my night light turn on automatically when I turn off the lights? 

And where does all that energy come from? 

We explore and find answers to all these questions and more in a world where technology plays a role in every part of our lives using Snap Circuits. 

 sessions suitable for ages 5 to 10. 

Students will learn principles of electronics such as : 

  • Current 

  • Resistance 

  • Voltage 

  • Capacitance 

  • Ohm's law 

We teach using Snap Circuits, educational products designed to provide a greater understanding of electronics and innovation. 

Materials needed before the start of class: 

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Typically the beginner level runs into 10 sessions, intermediate is 10 sessions and advanced is 10 sessions. Depending on your child’s interests and abilities you may want to add a few extra sessions if needed.

Students engage in learning the flow of electricity using simple experiments.

Instructor works with students using snap-circuits to transfer their concepts into electrical applications

Instructor works with students using snap-circuits to troubleshoot errors and fix them

What our parents have to say about electronics

What are circuits ??




What did you love abot the class ?

Fun, engaging class in 1:1 format – a great way to learn about circuits and electricity!!

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"I think PJ is a great instructor. My son did circuits with him as well. He's engaging, encouraging, and my son really enjoys these sessions. We got lucky in that our classes ended up being 1:1."
Parent Review
"Freny was super engaging and encouraging. My daughter plans on taking more classes, so appreciate the trial class to gauge her interest."
Parent Review
"Our 5 years old loves this class. The teacher is very patient and guides him throughout the class. He's learning all about coding computers and how he could potentially apply all of these skills to his life or future profession."
Parent Review