About Us

We believe every student should have the equal opportunity to learn.

VIDYA is a non-profit (501-c-3) organization working towards bringing STEM-based educational activities to schools for students 5 to 12 years, in and around Columbia MD.

VIDYA leverages STEAM-based interactive learning tools, building blocks to engage students in activities, workshops and collaborations. Our goal is to help them learn, share, experiment and create memories. Our programs provide kids with an opportunity to learn while having fun. We focus on building a foundation which inspires students to be creators of technology versus being mere consumers.

We strive to bring equal learning opportunities for students from different social, cultural, and economical backgrounds by offering special discounts and free sessions to students in title one schools who are unable to pay.

Meet our instructors who help us transform lives

Our creative champions (instructors) believe that every child is already gifted with an ability to succeed. What is often missing is an open learning environment, described by an MIT educator, as “a place for telling stories… building castles, making friends, and learning to share” for success and life-long satisfaction.
Freny Jani

Founder, Instructor

For over 17 years, Freny has served as a school teacher for grades K-12 internationally and worked with special needs children in the Howard County Public School System. As an educator, the foundation of her relationships with students is built on trust and confidence in their abilities. In her free time, Freny enjoys doing yoga and going on walks with her dog Amber.
PJ Pic
Praharsh 'PJ' Jani

Co-Founder, Instructor

To Praharsh, creating a fun and exciting environment where kids feel free to question, investigate, and experiment to find their own solutions comes at the highest priority. With over six years of experience teaching and working with children ages 4 months to 14 years, Praharsh believes in the distinct benefits of every child having an opportunity to understand their own ways of learning so that they can eventually teach themselves in whatever ways best suit their needs.

See what our parents have to say

"I think PJ is a great instructor. My son did circuits with him as well. He's engaging, encouraging, and my son really enjoys these sessions. We got lucky in that our classes ended up being 1:1."
Parent Review
"Freny was super engaging and encouraging. My daughter plans on taking more classes, so appreciate the trial class to gauge her interest."
Parent Review
"Our 5 years old loves this class. The teacher is very patient and guides him throughout the class. He's learning all about coding computers and how he could potentially apply all of these skills to his life or future profession."
Parent Review