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Let’s play Music!

In this class, you will receive virtual, one-on-one instruction on any of the instruments listed below. 

These lessons are directed at anyone age 10+ and at various skill levels. Students will be taught to improve their executive skills on their instruments, music literacy skills, ear training skills, and basic music theory skills through instrumental music performance.

Instruments offered: 

  • Trumpet (beginner - advanced) 

  • French Horn (beginner - advanced) 

  • Trombone (beginner - advanced)

  •  Euphonium / Baritone (beginner - advanced)

  •  Tuba (beginner - advanced) 

  • Ocarina (beginner - advanced) 

  • Recorder (beginner - intermediate) 

  • Flute (beginner - intermediate) 

  • Oboe (beginner - intermediate) 

  • Clarinet (beginner - intermediate)

  •  Bassoon (beginner - intermediate) 

  • Saxophone (beginner - intermediate)

Materials needed :

  • Computer with webcam and internet access

  • Journal 

  • Instrument

Typically the beginner level runs into 10 sessions, intermediate is 10 sessions and advanced is 10 sessions. Depending on your child's interests and abilities you may want to add a few extra sessions if needed.

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