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What are Circuits ??

Why do the lights turn on when I flip a switch? 

What makes the wheels spin on a car? 

How does my night light turn on automatically when I turn off the lights? 

And where does all that energy come from? 

We explore and find answers to all these questions and more in a world where technology plays a role in every part of our lives using Snap Circuits. 

One on one sessions suitable for ages 5 to 10. 

Students will learn principles of electronics such as : 

  • Current 

  • Resistance 

  • Voltage 

  • Capacitance 

  • Ohm's law 


We teach using Snap Circuits, educational products designed to provide a greater understanding of electronics and innovation. 


Materials needed before the start of class: 

Typically the beginner level runs into 10 sessions, intermediate is 10 sessions and advanced is 10 sessions. Depending on your child's interests and abilities you may want to add a few extra sessions if needed.

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