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Online and in-person 1 on 1 customized lessons for 5 to 15 year olds

Book a session for Coding, Electronics, Astronomy, Music,  Tutoring & Socio Emotional Learning



Learn block based coding with a focus on building skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving . 


STEAM based interactive building activities*

Focus on basic understanding of scientific principles and exploring different learning styles.


This course is all about the great frontier of space, we will delve into everything from our solar system to distant stars, galaxies and black holes.  


Students will be taught to improve their executive skills on their instruments, music literacy skills, ear training skills, and basic music theory skills through instrumental music performance.


Excellent support for students in a fun, creative way. We understand that every student has a unique way to learn and we align our instruction with the students learning needs.

Socio Emotional Learning


Do think your child needs help in social situations ? Is it challenging for your child to respond and recognize social cues ? If yes, then this is the perfect class for your child.


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Get to Know Us

Happy Cloud is a place where kids have an opportunity to learn in their own unique way and express their creativity using coding, computation and STEAM-based interactive building activities.

Our aim is to build a foundation which could go a long way to create a personality that is open and hungry for knowledge, and to inspire students to be contributors and creators of technology versus being mere consumers.

With a strong collaboration with parents, we customize and periodically make changes to our lesson plans to cater to the needs of our students. 

Our creative champions (instructors) believe that every child is already gifted with an ability to succeed. What is often missing is an open learning environment described by an MIT educator as “a place for telling stories… building castles, making friends, and learning to share” for success and life-long satisfaction.


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